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Connect through a virtual private network and protect your privacy
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IPVanish is a client that allows you to use the homonymous VPN (virtual private network) services. This type of connection is used to “fool” third parties and make them believe you are navigating the Internet from an IP address that is not real. This way, you can use this method to avoid various kinds of limitations, such as those imposed by your ISP or even the visited site. Likewise, it is effective in preventing others from tracking your online activities.

IPVanish lets you choose from a long list of more than 800 servers located in 54 different countries. Moreover, they claim that they use their own servers instead of relying on third-party owned infrastructure, which is definitely an advantage in terms of reducing the odds of your personal data falling into the wrong hands.

The program has a nice interface, and there is not much to do to start your private connection. It is great that you can have access to the current load and ping speed of the different servers so that you can make a better decision. Likewise, it is possible to search servers by country or city. I think it is great that there is also a map showing available servers as green circles. If you just click on one of the circles, you will be rerouting your traffic through the corresponding server.

It is good news that IPVanish supports transferring data using P2P protocols, so, unlike other VPN services, it does allow downloading torrents. Unluckily, though, IPVanish does not perform well in speed benchmarking tests as it is generally slower than most similar services.

In general, it is good to know that IPVanish exists so you can have an additional choice. However, you may want to try a few VPN services before deciding to use one. It is a shame that the prices are higher than those of the competition. Besides, they do not allow free trials.

Pedro Castro
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  • Multiple servers in multiple countries
  • Displays info about the available servers
  • Shows an interactive map
  • Supports P2P protocols


  • Slower connections
  • No free trials
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